Kid approved gluten-free cupcakes

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Our family is organic, gluten free, dye free and artificial flavor free.  My kids love to bake, but I  have not mastered how to bake gluten-free from scratch….yet.  We have tried numerous gluten-free products over the years but we have come across the Pamela’s brand and my kids love it.  This brand is so good that we have served it to people that are not gluten-free and they love it as well.  And with kids this mix is so easy to do.  My dad’s birthday was the other day so the kids wanted to make him cupcakes.  We just moved into a small apartment so I do not have all of my cooking things but we still made it work.

First I got everything measured out for the kids

Now comes the fun part, letting the kids go crazy with putting it together.

They went so fast I could not keep up with my pictures

This next step is optional as the cake without any added flavor is still yummy.  But we wanted to do something different this time.  I portioned the batter into two different bowls and let the kids add 1 tsp of vanilla  in one bowl and 1 tsp of orange in the other bowl.  After some mixing and then letting the kids lick the bowls it was time to scoop them into cupcake wrappers and into the oven.  We made some frosting which I will go over in another post.  My Dad likes cupcakes without frosting so we made sure to keep some without frosting just for him.

As you can see, my cupcake pan has not made it’s way to our temporary house but that is ok because we made it work.  I will get more pictures the next time we bake.  Mr. H loved the orange and Miss. K loved the vanilla.  I hope you and your family enjoy these as much as we do.


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