Oh Mr. A

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Mr. A turned 4 months about a week ago and boy he has grown up fast. He started back crawling about a week ago and I suddenly realized how unprepared I am for him to be crawling.  He grabs at anything that comes within reach of his hot little hands so I need to start preparing.

I know he’s my third and I should be more prepared but I feel like with every kid you have, you are less prepared due to sleep deprivation, am I right?

When Miss. K was little I remember the first time she rolled over, my husband and I ran out and bought everything we needed to babyproof.  With Mr. H we had to babyproof things that we didn’t have to with Miss. K and I learned a lot as to what I needed to babyproof and what I didn’t. With Mr. A I know exactly what I need to do but I’m in no rush to do it, for now I will enjoy watching him push himself across the floor and listen to his sweet baby giggles.

When did you start baby proofing your home?

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