Stop nail biting take one

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My sweet Mr. H has been biting his nails for a few months now.  He does it when he gets nervous or bored.  His nail biting is so bad that he is now chewing his skin on his fingers.  After talking to his dentist and doing some research online they all suggested putting garlic directly on the fingers.  Now due to the open skin on his finger tips, I do not want to put straight garlic onto his fingers.

So, I decided to do some homemade garlic oil and I had Mr. H help me in hopes he would be open to putting this on his fingers.

I started by letting him smash the garlic cloves.

Then we measured out 1 cup full of avocado oil (you could use any oil you have on hand)

Then I let him pour the oil into the pan

Then he added the garlic cloves

He was so excited at this point because he was cooking.  While waiting for the pan to get hot he played with his brother, Mr. A.  They shared a bunch of laughs together before the oil was done.  It was wonderful to watch.  Mr. A’s eyes just light up when Mr. H plays with him.

I let the garlic simmer for a few minutes, make sure you do not burn the garlic.

Then I put it into a jar (my only jar I had a lid for) and let it cool.  Please make sure you let it cool before you apply it to your little one’s fingers.

I put a small amount of oil into a bowl and had him dip his fingers.  I then washed his hands to remove the oil and let him go.

It only took about 20 minutes, but he was back to biting his nails.  His fingers smell like garlic, but maybe it wasn’t as potent enough for him or he likes garlic but this was a failed attempt.  I will keep trying.  What have you tried to get your little to stop biting their nails?

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