Do you ever regret things as a Mom?

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Do you ever regret simple things? Like you do something to try and help yourself in the moment but end up hurting yourself in the near future? Yeah, that was me today.

We were running late for Miss. K’s ballet class and I was desperate to get Mr. H’s hands dipped in the garlic oil (see this post for more on that) and he just would not do it. I tried talking to him about what it was, I dipped my own hand in it to show him it was safe, I talked about his feelings, but nothing worked, he was just too far gone. Bad mom moment, I started bribing him. I finally said “do you want some chocolate?” Of course he said yes because chocolate is his favorite. He then dipped his fingers in the garlic oil then we washed his hands to get the oil off and then he was quickly rewarded with chocolate. Then out the door we went.

Fast forward 20 minutes later and the sugar rush had hit his tiny body. We are talking a running, yelling, not listening, licking the mirrors in the studio kind of sugar high. Now I do not know if there is a study on this, but I swear to you when a 3 year old gets a sugar high it’s by far worse than at any other age. After about an hour of him running rampid through the studio waiting room,  he was finally starting to slow down. I was able to calm him down by letting him watching Cat In the Hat on Netflix. Thank you, Netflix!

Once it was time to go home he was my sweet, back to normal little boy again.  Lesson learned… NEVER bribe Mr. H with chocolate unless I am headed to a bouncy house.

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