Sleep, I miss you 

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When I was young, I never understood why my parents always wanted to take naps. Fast forward years later and now I understand completely.

When I was pregnant with Miss. K, I had the hardest time sleeping, I was never comfortable. Then when I had her I couldn’t sleep because of the demands of being a new mom.  Not to mention, when I did sleep I would wake up in a panic and check if she was breathing.  (Hopefully, I’m not the only parent who has done this.)

As she has gotten older she has turned into a morning person.  She wakes up before the roosters, and we have lived next to a rooster so I know this. Once Mr. H was about 2.5 years old she would wake him up when she got up in the morning.  She would wake him up and beg him to go play with her, he is now awake sometimes before her.  In my house, 6:30 AM is sleeping in. It does not matter what time our kids go to bed, they will still wake up between 6-6:30 AM.  In fact, if they go to bed past 10 PM then they will almost always be up around 5 AM.  I do not understand this but it’s just what my kids’ bodies do.

These past three weeks Miss. K and Mr. H have decided to change things up a bit by waking me up at 5:45 AM.  I am usually woken up by Miss. K reading or by them fighting and someone got hurt. Why, WHY? Why can’t they just play in their room quietly? Why do they want the whole house awake when they are?  They have the Ok to Wake clock in their room and it is set to turn at 7 AM but they are awake well before that.  Luckily, this clock has been a lifesaver as they know they cannot come out of their room until it lights up.  My mom always said, “energy is wasted on the youth,” and I totally agree with her! That all said, I may have dark circles under my eyes and my body might drag from day to day but I would not have it any other way.  I may have given up on getting restful sleep but the snuggles I get in the morning make mornings my favorite time with my kids.

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