The sweeteness that is Miss K

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Miss K is such a little mother to her animals and her brothers.  I trust her to help me watch her brothers and she helps me in so many ways.  She helps me out when either of the boys need my attention but I cannot get to them right away.  She helps me cook.  She helps me remember things that I ask her to remember for me.  She just has the biggest heart and I am so beyond grateful for her.

She started this a few months back, buckling in her animals and little wind-up toys in the car. She has been super creative on how she does it too.

The other day we were driving and I came across a road that was a little bumpy and I kept hearing this very strange sound coming from the back of the car. Now, I am huge on sounds while I drive and it was freaking me out a little bit because I could not figure out what this noise was.

I finally asked the kids, “What is that sound?”

Miss. K then said, “that’s my snail moving back and forth, she’s not staying in her seat.”

After we got home, she made sure to move her snail so she would stay in her seat.


I love that she has so much compassion for everyone she meets. She is the best daughter, sister and Mom. I am so proud of her and I love her beyond what words can write.

Daughters truly are the best.

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