3 ways to save money at Target

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Do you love Target as much as I do? I could shop there everyday and all day long.  For Mother’s Day my husband gave me the best gift ever, he let me go to Target alone… kids! It was absolutely the best gift he could have given me.  I buy everything I can at Target.  They have a wonderful selection of clothes, baby gear, movies and home decor.  But I know you already know this or else you wouldn’t be reading this.  So let’s jump right into how to save money at Target.

Did you know that Target offers a REDcard? Did you know that you are missing out on a huge opportunity to save money with it? Did you know that if you shop at Target as often as I do you could save hundreds a year? Well here is why a REDcard can save you and your family money.

It’s a Debit card

There are two REDcards, one is a credit card and one is a debit card. I love debit card because they are like paying with cash and then I do not have to worry about a huge bill at the end of the month.  There is also a credit card option if you prefer to do that.  Apply here.

You save 5% on your ENTIRE purchase 

Yes, 5% that adds up quickly. For me with my family of five that’s huge!  This is the forever coupon  that you never have to forget about remembering to bring. I forget coupons all the time, I try and remember but with three kids rushing me out the door, coupons are the last thing on my mind until I get to the store.   The 5% does not apply to Prescriptions, clinic services, eye exams, Target gift cards, prepaid cards, previous purchases, Target credit account payments, Target Debit Card cash back and cash advances on the Target MasterCard, gift wrap and shipping and handling charges on purchases, wireless protection program purchases and deposits required by mobile carrier, where otherwise prohibited by law. Please read all of the details here.

Free Shipping on

This is like having Amazon Prime but for Target.  The state of Washington sales tax just went up to 10% so whenever I can save money I am on board.  Shipping expenses can be huge sometimes and saving $5, $6, even $7 every time I want to shop online is a big deal for me.  Think about it, if you shop online twice a month and spend $6 each time on shipping you are saving around $144 a year! That is money that you can use to buy more diapers or home decor.  SCORE one for me.  Now just like everything, exclusions do apply so read all of the details here.

Extra 30 day return policy

Ok I know I said just 3 reasons but this one is too good not to throw in there.  I love Target, I am there all of the time but there are sometimes I am not able to get back right away, or like I do more than I care to admit, I forget I have something that needs to be returned and that is when this little thing comes in handy.  An extra 30 days to return your item.  Let me explain how amazing this feature is.  I was shopping a few months ago in Target and I was 9 months pregnant with two kids and Mr. H decided he needed a few items.  He casually put in the cart a wooden letter H, green paint and some paint brushes.  Then he distracted me so much at checkout I did not realize these things were in the cart or that I had even purchased them until we had gotten home.  Well played little boy.  I was planning on returning them but then forgot about them for awhile and then  I gave birth to Mr. A so that was crazy and then one day I saw those items on the shelf, well it was too late to return them at this point as it was past the 30 days but if I had this REDcard I would have been able to return them.  But we turned it into a positive, he will get to do his project he planned without me knowing.

These are just a few ways I save my family money at Target, how do you save money for your family? Let me know in the comments because I love saving money.

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