Trash lemonade for kids

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If you have kids that are obsessed with the garbage man then this is just the drink for them. Mr. H loves the garbage man and whenever he sees a garbage man he waves to them snd yells, “Hi!”  Miss. K loves learning about where the trash goes ever since she first saw Toy Story 3.

When asking the kids what they wanted to make next for the blog, Mr. H suggested “Trash Lemonade.”

“Trash Lemonade?” I have never heard of that but I told him I would find out something to do for him so this was special for Mr. H……..although Miss. K was a huge fan of this drink too.

I started with frozen berries; strawberries and raspberries.  I microwaved them until they started thawing out a little bit.  You want the juices from the berry to come out in the drink.

I let them put as much of the berry mix as they wanted into their cups.  I let them use their hands since we are doing “trash lemonade” you have to get a little messy.  Then let them mash up the berries to make them even juicier.  My kids did not want to do this step because they were just too excited to drink it.

Then pour in the lemonade, I used organic because I did not have any time to make my own this time.  You could also add ice at this time if your kiddo would like but mine opted out of the ice.

Then to top off the drink, I added organic gummy worms.  And of course, a straw.  My two older kids loved this drink, although Mr. A was in his walker and he defiantly wanted to get in on this drink too.  Mr. A will wait until next summer to partake in this drink.


This was the quickest I have seen my kids drink lemonade, the berries are also delicious to eat afterwards.

Have your kids tried this drink? Do they like it? What is their favorite part? Let me know in the comments.


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