Mother’s Day


How to Rock it as a Mom

While some people wake up with an alarm clock they set on their phone, a Mom is woken up by one of the following: screaming, crying because someone got hurt, fighting between siblings on who gets to turn on the tv or if you are really lucky your sweet bundle of joy jumping on your stomach as you are blissfully sleeping and completely unaware.

While some people take their time getting out of bed, a Mom cannot because someone needs a diaper changed or to be fed and they will not wait because after 8-10 hours of sleep their tiny little bellies are eating themselves and cannot possibly wait for you to casually get out of bed.

While some people get to take a shower alone, a Mom cannot. There is usually one kid that has to come check on Mom to make sure she did not disappear through a secret door in the bathroom. Or better yet a kid needs to use the bathroom that you are in because the other one is scary.

While some people get to have eggs, bacon, hash browns and juice for breakfast a Mom gets to snack on the breakfast she is making for the kids but if she’s sneaky she may sneek in a cookie while making the kids breakfast (ok it’s a win for Moms on that one)

While some people get to go have fun at work and talk to other grown ups, a (stay-at-home) Mom gets to change diapers, play with toys and talk to kids all day long. You long for the playground just to talk to an adult and if any adult engages in any kind of conversation with you, you are just so excited to talk about something other than cars, Barbies, bugs, poop or Disney characters.

While some people get to have beautiful clothing, a Mom has clothes that have stains of puke, mud, markers, Play Doh, food, blood and anything else the kids have been touching.  Our clothing may not match because we got dressed in a hurry or we may look like we got dressed in the dark because there might be a strong possibility we did.

As moms we put our family first and ourselves last.  I want to take a moment and salute all moms out there. You are one of the reasons your family is as awesome as it is.  Take today and do not be hard on yourself.  Take a few minutes and look around and see that your efforts might not always be thanked but you are doing an amazing job and you are ROCKING IT being a mom.

Happy Mothers Day

8 Priceless Mother’s Day Gift ideas

As I have gotten older I have become a more simpler person.  I do not ask a lot out of the people around me and I do not expect gifts on my birthday or any holiday for that matter.  So I decided to make a list of gifts that I would love to receive as a Mom or I have done for someone else.  Remember, it’s not about the gift it is the thought that goes into the gift.  The best gifts I have ever received are ones that are made by my kids or it was the time that was put into the gift that made it special.

  1. Sleep. This seems like an obvious one but let her sleep, or in my case just rest in bed with no interruptions.  I can’t tell you how amazing it is just to sit in bed and not have to worry about getting breakfast ready, changing a diaper or anything else that has to be done in the morning.
  2. Let her pee alone.  I am sure you have seen this one on every Pinterest board and Facebook meme but it is totally and completely true. Peeing alone is something you take for granted, until you have kids then it becomes a luxury.
  3. Have the kids make Mom a special meal.  Have them tell you what they want to make her and help them execute it.  It’s the thought that counts.
  4. Make Mom a card instead of buying one.  Moms love thoughtful gifts and what is more thoughtful than making a card rather than buying one that 100 other Moms get.
  5. Do a special photoshoot for her.  Either you take pictures of her and the kids or you hire a photographer to take pictures of just her and the kids.  She will treasure these special pictures and so will your children. Make sure you PRINT them!
  6. A day at the spa. If your wallet allows it, splurge on a day at the spa.  Massage, pedicure, manicure and just relaxation.  Moms work very hard and often overlook much needed time for themselves so a day of pure relaxation will allow her to get some energy back.
  7. Hire a person to clean your house.   If you hire someone to deep clean your home not only will it help out Mom it will make everyone happier because your home will be truly clean for a little while.
  8. Special time with each kid and spouse.  Take time to plan a special “date” with each member of the family.  If your child(ren) are old enough, have them think of something special they want to do with just Mom.  If your child isn’t old enough to plan something make sure you think of every detail for their “date.”  Also, do not forget to plan a special “date” with her spouse.  Examples: picnic, paint a mug at your local pottery store, go shopping, etc.

Whatever you decide to get Mom it is the thought and time that went into it that counts.  The best gift that a Mom can ever get is love, laughter and appreciation for all that she does.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms (and Dads pulling Mom duty).  Know that you all are amazing and the world would be so different without you.