We survived our first road trip as a family of five. 

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We have been putting this off until Mr. A was a bit bigger but it’s time to visit my in-laws as Miss. K has been asking for awhile now.

Our suitcases are all packed away so we get to use the fancy suitcases, paper bags.  Now trying to pack the husband and I is so easy for 2 nights, two outfits, pjs and toothbrushes. Nothing fancy and nothing over the top. But when packing for kids, oh my gosh the stuff you have to bring is crazy.

Now Miss. K and Mr. H know I do not allow toys that do not fit in their backpacks. They only bring three outfits and pjs. But trying to pack an infant, you feel like you are taking the entire house. We just moved into this house and here we are packing it all back up into the car.

You have outfits, toys, blankets, pack-n-play (which in itself is a lot) then you have his perch. Three trips to the car (up 2 flights of stairs) I’m exhausted and we haven’t even left yet.  Then everyone has to eat again because now it’s lunch time.

After lunch and shoving everyone into the car we are off. After a trip to the gas station and car wash we are FINALLY on the road.

We made it 99 miles before our first pee break! I say that is a win. Then we made it 116 miles before Mr. A needed to eat. I would say so far this has been a good first trip.

The trip usually takes about 4 hours. It took us 6. But we are safe and the kids did not complain too much.

After a restful night sleep the kids were off.  Our first day was full of playing with my in-laws dog, Scooby.  I’m pretty sure my kids wore him out.

Mr. A found his toes.

My kids even took time to pick a few flowers for me.

We went to the beach where my kids quickly collected shells and sticks.  They also loved running in the sand.

After the beach there was bubble blowing and watching Scooby eat the bubbles.

After dinner the kids got to do a sleepover with their Aunt E who they just adore.  The next morning after breakfast, the kids baked some gluten free brownies that their Aunt E bought special for them.

Mr. A even got in on it.

Once they were out of the oven it was time to leave.  My kids were not happy they had to leave and begged us to stay another night but Tobias had to work the next day.

Coming back it only took us about 5.5 hours and I couldn’t have been happier to see my bed.  Doesn’t your bed feel so much better after you haven’t slept in it a few nights?