brutal truths


6 brutal truths to teach your kids, NOW

Life is NOT a fairytale

Life is not like Cinderella.  Nothing and no one is perfect and there will be no one to come sweep you off your feet. The only thing that will sweep you off your feet is a banana peel on the floor at the supermarket.  So figure out what you want to do, set a goal and go for it.  Reach for the stars rather than waiting for someone to lift you up and bring the stars to you.

Acquaintances vs True friends

Acquaintances will always say they want to make plans with you but never follow through. They will talk with you when they want to talk to you but not always available to talk when you want to talk. They will do things with their interest in mind and not yours. Friends will drop everything for you if you need them. They will watch your kids without any thought as to how it will affect their plans. They will let you borrow something of theirs and not worry about getting it back because they know that you can be trusted. They will talk to you about anything and listen when you need to talk. And they will make sure you are ok because they truly care about you. Know the difference and save yourself the heartache.

Not everyone will like you

You cannot please everyone, so stop trying. We are not living for others, we are living for ourselves.  People will criticize you, they will be mean to you, they will try and take you down. Don’t let them. Be strong and know you are amazing.

Be nice

Just because you are going through a hard time doesn’t mean you can’t be nice. Just because people are being mean to you doesn’t mean you have to be mean to them. Show them you are a good person by being nice to the mean people, you don’t know what they are dealing with. Maybe you deciding to be nice to them will change their attitude.  Be nice to everyone.  We are in this world together and we don’t need any more negativity.

Scars are what make you, you

Everyone has scars, either physical or emotional. Scars are there because it’s a reminder of something we needed to learn. Love them and learn from them. Be proud of them. They are battle scars. They are beautiful. The lesson you learned will make you a better person.

The world owes you NOTHING

You may come from a wealthy family or you may come from nothing, it doesn’t matter you are not entitled. You do not deserve the world because you think you do.  The world owes you nothing. If you want it WORK for it!