Fox Light Box Craft

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When I went shopping for my kids for Easter I came across Fancy Fox Light and instantly started singing that annoying song, “What does the fox say?”  I knew that Miss. K would love it as she loves crafts and that darn song.  She is very artsy.  She lasted one day before wanting to dive into it.

The kit includes:
The lamp
And a paint brush

 There were other kits but this was the only one she could decorate. We may have to get the other kits for future fun.

My kids dove right in, because well there’s glue involved.  Mr. H lasted a whole 3 minutes, which is a record for him as he is not that into craft projects that do not explode.

I noticed adding glue directly to the brush was the easiest way to spread the glue evenly.  Miss. K had a lot of fun and it turned out so cute.  And she now has a fabulous new addition to her room that not only is functional but something she decorated which just makes it that much better.

I also liked this lamp kit over some others as this uses 2 AA batteries rather than a plug-in.  Miss. K and I had a lot of fun decorating this together.  I love doing special projects with my kids and I was able to spend some just mother/daughter time with her today.   Today was a great day.

Goodnight 🙂