How to Rock it as a Mom

While some people wake up with an alarm clock they set on their phone, a Mom is woken up by one of the following: screaming, crying because someone got hurt, fighting between siblings on who gets to turn on the tv or if you are really lucky your sweet bundle of joy jumping on your stomach as you are blissfully sleeping and completely unaware.

While some people take their time getting out of bed, a Mom cannot because someone needs a diaper changed or to be fed and they will not wait because after 8-10 hours of sleep their tiny little bellies are eating themselves and cannot possibly wait for you to casually get out of bed.

While some people get to take a shower alone, a Mom cannot. There is usually one kid that has to come check on Mom to make sure she did not disappear through a secret door in the bathroom. Or better yet a kid needs to use the bathroom that you are in because the other one is scary.

While some people get to have eggs, bacon, hash browns and juice for breakfast a Mom gets to snack on the breakfast she is making for the kids but if she’s sneaky she may sneek in a cookie while making the kids breakfast (ok it’s a win for Moms on that one)

While some people get to go have fun at work and talk to other grown ups, a (stay-at-home) Mom gets to change diapers, play with toys and talk to kids all day long. You long for the playground just to talk to an adult and if any adult engages in any kind of conversation with you, you are just so excited to talk about something other than cars, Barbies, bugs, poop or Disney characters.

While some people get to have beautiful clothing, a Mom has clothes that have stains of puke, mud, markers, Play Doh, food, blood and anything else the kids have been touching.  Our clothing may not match because we got dressed in a hurry or we may look like we got dressed in the dark because there might be a strong possibility we did.

As moms we put our family first and ourselves last.  I want to take a moment and salute all moms out there. You are one of the reasons your family is as awesome as it is.  Take today and do not be hard on yourself.  Take a few minutes and look around and see that your efforts might not always be thanked but you are doing an amazing job and you are ROCKING IT being a mom.

Happy Mothers Day

What’s my secret? 

“You have three kids and you homeschool?”

“How do you do it?”

Those seem to be the two questions I get asked a lot when I meet people. Everyone always seems to have a surprised reaction to it.

I have been homeschooling since Miss. K was 5.  There were many reasons why we choose to homeschool and I will go over those in a future post. But we are so happy we homeschool.

There are days where I am on the ball with everything and I can get everything done and then there are days where I fail miserably with everything I try and do.

There are days where my kids eat oatmeal for dinner and then there are days where I cook a wonderful meal that includes a main course with side dishes.

There are days where I get all of the laundry washed and put away and then there are days where it is in a huge pile on the floor and we have nothing to wear.

Then there are days where my kids get all of their schoolwork done and then other days where it’s just too beautiful not to play outside and we unschool.

Then there are days where my house looks beautiful and clean and then others where it looks like a bomb went off. Clothes and toys everywhere and dirty dishes in the sink.

There are days where I have no problem juggling all three kids and then there are days where everyone is grumpy.

What’s my secret?

My secret is that I know I am not perfect. I know that I love my kids. I know that my husband and I support each other. I know life is messy. I know that there will be days that I cannot do everything and that is ok.

The minute I allowed myself to not be the “perfect” Mom, the stress melted away. I tell my kids that I am not perfect nor do I expect them to be. We all make mistakes, the important thing is that we learn from them.

I am happy. I am happier with my kids around. I am the happiest when my kids and husband are around. They are my everything and together we can get through the messy parts of life. Being happy and knowing no one is perfect and that we all make mistakes and knowing not everything will go as planned is my secret.

It’s simple.

What’s your secret? What makes you happy?


Does your family car look like this?

My car is the typical kid car.  It is full of toys on the floor, sticky seats and old food crushed all over the place.  We try and clean the car out once a month or whenever it gets to be too much but it’s hard when I know it will just get dirty again.

Just looking at this picture makes me want to go scrub my car. It is so hard to keep a clean car with young kids. How do people do it?

My kids have to have their toys in the car with them.  It doesn’t matter where we are going, they have to bring a toy along with them.  I can understand why, the car can get boring and it’s also a comfort thing.  After years of telling the kids they can  only bring one or two things and always having a fight about it I started letting them bring their backpacks.  If it doesn’t fit into their backpacks, then they can’t bring it.  Also it helps with cleaning out the car when you get home.

Do you let your kids bring toys into the car when you go places? How many toys do you let them bring?

Sleep, I miss you 

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When I was young, I never understood why my parents always wanted to take naps. Fast forward years later and now I understand completely.

When I was pregnant with Miss. K, I had the hardest time sleeping, I was never comfortable. Then when I had her I couldn’t sleep because of the demands of being a new mom.  Not to mention, when I did sleep I would wake up in a panic and check if she was breathing.  (Hopefully, I’m not the only parent who has done this.)

As she has gotten older she has turned into a morning person.  She wakes up before the roosters, and we have lived next to a rooster so I know this. Once Mr. H was about 2.5 years old she would wake him up when she got up in the morning.  She would wake him up and beg him to go play with her, he is now awake sometimes before her.  In my house, 6:30 AM is sleeping in. It does not matter what time our kids go to bed, they will still wake up between 6-6:30 AM.  In fact, if they go to bed past 10 PM then they will almost always be up around 5 AM.  I do not understand this but it’s just what my kids’ bodies do.

These past three weeks Miss. K and Mr. H have decided to change things up a bit by waking me up at 5:45 AM.  I am usually woken up by Miss. K reading or by them fighting and someone got hurt. Why, WHY? Why can’t they just play in their room quietly? Why do they want the whole house awake when they are?  They have the Ok to Wake clock in their room and it is set to turn at 7 AM but they are awake well before that.  Luckily, this clock has been a lifesaver as they know they cannot come out of their room until it lights up.  My mom always said, “energy is wasted on the youth,” and I totally agree with her! That all said, I may have dark circles under my eyes and my body might drag from day to day but I would not have it any other way.  I may have given up on getting restful sleep but the snuggles I get in the morning make mornings my favorite time with my kids.

5 steps on how to help your picky eater eat their veggies

When Miss. K and Mr. H were little they LOVED vegetables. I had no problem with them eating vegetables. But as they got older and more opinionated they started not eating as many vegetables. There are many reasons why kids stop eating their veggies. Either their tastebuds change, the texture feels funny to them now, or they want to have an opinion on what they get to eat.

Miss. K is getting better about eating her veggies again and she is 7. Mr. H is now in a phase that carrots and peas are the enemy on the plate and he will fight like crazy not to have to eat them. Heck he won’t eat anything that touches his veggies. Now if he wants dessert he will eat one or two veggies in order to get the dessert but not without some serious screaming involved. Not to mention I hate rewarding him with food, even though I am guilty sometimes for doing it. Darn it!

As parents we put so much guilt on one another if we do not do what the “experts” say.  The “experts” say we should be eating 2-3 servings of veggies a day but do these “experts” want to come to your house and help you figure out the best way to have your kids eat these veggies, I’m putting all my money on, No.  We as parents try so hard to do what’s best for our kids and we feel like failures when our kids don’t eat their veggies. I say all you can do is try.

  1. Offer veggies at every meal (or at least one meal) a day.
    Offer carrots at one meal, peas at another and so on. Eventually they may try it.
  2. Encourage them to eat the veggies by telling them they are “yummy.”
    Trying new food is scary and if you tell them it’s “good for them” you will lose them. I can tell you now Mr. H doesn’t care if something is good for him, he cares only if it tastes good.
  3. Lead by example and eat your veggies.
    Eat the veggies you are wanting them to eat and eat a variety.
  4. Try different presentations.
    And I’m not saying carve them into cute shapes. I’m saying give raw and steamed veggies. Both have different textures, flavors and sometimes colors. You never know, it could be one of these difference that makes them unappealing.
  5. And lastly, be patient and don’t beat yourself up if they don’t eat them.
    Patience is a huge thing because it can take time. Don’t tell yourself you are a bad parent simply because your kid won’t eat their veggies. There are far more things that make you a good parent!! Give yourself a break.