It’s a snail kind of day

Yesterday was a typical spring day, rain, hail then sunshine.  When it was sunny out I grabbed the kids’ boots and they ran outside.  Our kids love exploring and finding new and exciting things.  My kids, like most, love finding bugs.  Since we homeschool I look at this as a wonderful opportunity to teach them things.  Today was the day Miss. K and Mr. H found snails.  They were so excited to find about 9 snails.

They loved naming each one and really looking at the difference in size and differences in their shells. Miss. K put 5 of the snails back and then mothered the rest. Miss. K decided that the biggest snail was the mother of the other snails. She named the mom, Amanda. The others were, Lauren, Emily, Lorena.

The snails even did math with her and they ate lunch next to all of the kids.  Mr. A even enjoyed watching the snails.

A rainy and sunny day is a wonderful time to get out and find snails and slugs. And it’s a great day spent learning.

What do your kids love to find?

It’s dandelion season

It’s springtime and that means so many things to everyone.  It means gardening, sunshine, longer days, riding bikes and flowering trees.  But to my kids, it’s dandelion season. It started with Miss. K, she always loved Spring and Summer because that meant picking lots of flowers.  Then when Mr. H came along she got him into it.  Now the second Spring comes they both know it’s flower picking time.  And their faces light up and their voices start shouting with excitement when they see those little yellow flowers.

Many people look at these “flowers” and just see a weed that is growing in their lawn.  But if you look a little closer, I can see the beauty that my kids  can appreciate.

I know these days are limited as picking a simple dandelion will not bring them joy forever but I will enjoy their smiles in this moment. I will enjoy their excitement. I will enjoy the bouquets they bring me and display them proudly. Because these moments are the moments you will look back on and smile.

What is your favorite Spring moment with your kids?

It’s spring! Let’s plant those seeds

It’s springtime and do you know what that means? It means sunshine, more time to spend playing and exploring outside AND it means planting your garden.

I have come to realize that the only way that I can get my kids excited about vegetables is to plant them and let them eat directly from the garden.

Today was the day, it wasn’t too cold out and there was a break in the rain and my kids needed something to do that was outside.   I grabbed the biggest bowl I had and unloaded 3 dozen eggs into it, with the help from Mr. H.   Thankfully, he did not break any (win one for mom).   So now, I had 3 egg cartons. I had the kids spoon some dirt in them.


Then I let them pick out what they wanted to plant.   I had spinach, lettuce, carrots, green onions, peas and yellow squash on hand from last year.   And SURPRISE they wanted to plant everything I had.   Awesome!

So I made a little hole for them to plant their seedlings in and they went to town.  Miss. K is the only one pictured as Mr. H is super fast and I was too busy trying to keep him entertained and he is not wanting his picture taken at the moment and I am trying to respect that.

Since this was a last minute thing I did not have any cute or fancy labels, so I just wrote on the side of the egg carton.  If you are like me, last minute ideas usually happen all the time.  Maybe in the near future I will make some cute and fancy tags for our seedlings but for now this will work.

They had fun and they got a little dirty and it took all by 10 minutes to do.  Now all we have to do is sit back, water and watch our seedlings grow into food and then maybe, just maybe my kids will want to eat them.